Planning and Training

Your journey begins with getting a ticket. We want to make the experience of space accessible not only to the super-rich but also to ordinary people. Furthermore, we give you the ability to configure your ticket according to your wishes. For more information, visit our Pricing and Consultation page.

The tickets include the necessary preparation for your journey. Starting with a comprehensive personal consultation, where you can ask questions and all further details of your trip can be planned.

Three months before the launch, you will visit the launch site and the rocket that will bring you to space for the first time. Although our crew consists of NASA-trained and -tested staff, effective training is also part of your preparation. The training will be held in the 3 months before departure.


In addition, you will perform a fitness test, in which general fitness, as well as important prerequisites, are tested, like the ability to withstand 3G forces for 2min during ascent and 5.5G for a few seconds during descent. You should also be between 5" and 6'6" tall, have good blood pressure, and have no major health problems.

One month before your journey, you will be informed about what you can bring to space and further rules to follow. In the final week before the launch, you will be stationed at the launch site hotel, and given final instructions and training.