Launch and Recovery
Rocket Graphic
Bringing you to space

We will bring you to space by using the most reliant and safe technology humankind has created. Our booster rockets deliver enough thrust to bring you to earths orbit or further away on board of Dragon2 or Starship by SpaceX. To save fuel, we are testing solar sails in cooperation with a NASA research program.

Rocket Graphic
Space Tether Graphic
Innovations for the future

To save costs in the future, we plan to implement a space tether once the space station of our partner "Axiom Space" is finished in 2024. This revolutionary technology picks up spacecraft from a lower orbit with a hook mechanism and catapults them out of earths gravity. Additionally, we are working together with SpinLaunch to directly catapult food and other necessary supplies into space.


When bringing you back to earth, safety is a crucial aspect. Therefore, our capsules are equipped with 3 parachutes that will ensure a soft landing in the ocean or an uninhabited area where our rescue team will pick you up within 2 hours of landing.