Augmented Reality: Understanding the Potential Benefits and Challenges

Augmented reality technologies have the potential to change from merely being applied in gaming environments to becoming applications across a wide variety of
environments. From potential uses to concerns about safety and privacy, topics about augmented reality are featured daily in the news and are trending on social media. Augmented realities have the possibility of affecting countless lives - both positively and negatively.

Design an information website that presents an overview of the uses, technologies, benefits, and concerns of augmented reality. For the purpose of this project, teams should focus their solution on the existing AND
potential future commercial, educational, recreational, and research uses for augmented reality technology. Sections of the website that is created should focus on the current available technologies, safety concerns, and potential future uses.

Thought should be given to effective website design practices and cross-platform
compatibility. The website will be evaluated using any combination of Windows 7/8/10, as well as Mac OS X, in any browser supported by those platforms, including the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Mobile browsers MAY be used in evaluation. Teams should strive to create a clean, easy-to-use website that features an excellent presentation of the required content.