Maths / Computer Science

Mathematics and the certainly very closely related subject of computer science are strongly promoted at our school. All students from grade five to ten have supplementary lessons in mathematics as well as the chance to choose a single from the range of compulsory electives also containing Math and CS lessons.

Students doing maths

The school does also set high requirements as the participation in the National Mathematics Olympiad is not only recommended but compulsory up to grade 9. To ensure students are successful, there is support in order to enable students to solve the specific kind of tasks typical for this kind of competitions. With seventeen winners at National Level, the Wilhelm Ostwald School is one of the most successful institutions to take part in the Mathematics Olympiad. But there are other competitions and events, like mathematics camps, as well, which do also support every bit of interest in mathematics shown by the students, while participation is always encouraged.

Another feature is that advanced level mathematics courses are mandatory for juniors and seniors, which is meant to create a base for studies in the natural science, as well as to be the logical successor of the intensified education from grade five to ten.

One of our computer cabinets.

Computer science is similarly emphasized, while on a comparably lower scale: The school is equipped with three computer labs, sets of laptops, Thin-Clients and projectors are also available. Computer education starts in grade five, but is being taught up to grade ten, which finally enables
students to work with HTML, Java, Visual Basic or Delphi. The number of lessons taught is of course not as high as for mathematics, since mathematics is the base of computer science, not vice versa - yet the Wilhelm-Ostwald school is one of the few schools in the federal state of Saxony to offer extensive computer science education for seniors. Again, this does qualify the students to succeed in competitions, like the National Computer Science Competition and more than just a few of the seniors taking computer science also choose to study a related subject in university.

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