Biology / Chemistry

In a school whose curriculum puts an emphasis on science, Biology and Chemistry are certainly playing a very important role. This is reflected in different aspects: Both subjects are compulsory electives throughout grade 7 to 10, while our school is one of only three schools in Saxony offering advanced level biology classes from junior year onwards.

Another interesting fact is that the Wilhelm Ostwald School is equipped with three chemistry labs and the corresponding equipment, chemicals as well as the necessary security means.

The axolotl, formerly an amphibia and traditional
symbol of our biology laboratory
The Biology department has the option to choose from different book sets (with two of our biology teachers actually being contributors to a series of books) as well as from an extensive library of models. Digital microscopes as well as a digital lens with direct PC-link are also provided, while the lab houses axolotl, degus, different species of fish and stick insects, among others.

The quality of this concept is shown by the success and high participation figures in competitions, with many students taking part in national and international competitive events throughout the school year, e.g. the “National Biology Competition” organized by the University of Toronto. One of the most recognizable successes is the win of the gold medal at the International Biology Olympiad 2008 in Mumbai by Thai Le Tran, an alumni of our school as well as of Ostwald TSA. Another example are several medals at the International Junior Science Olympiade in Pune, India in 2013, acquired by Nik-Angus Engwer and Johann Lieberwirth (who is also a
former TSA member). The knowledge the students gather during their studies in these subject enhances the TSA project work, especially regarding subjects like Biotechnology Design, which require expertise in Biology and Chemistry alike.

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