UAS Technology: Weighing Capabilities, Possibilities, and Safety

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), more commonly referred to as “drones,” are a hot button topic in today's news. From the expansive list of their potential uses to concerns about safety and privacy, there is seldom a week without a news story that features a UAS vehicle as the central topic.

Challenge Statement
Design an informational website that presents an overview of the uses, technology, and concerns of UAS technology. For the purpose of this project, teams should focus their solution on commercial, educational, and research uses of UAS technology. The focus should NOT be military and law enforcement UAS technology. Sections of the site should be dedicated to the presentation of information on current available technology, safety and privacy concerns, and realistic near future advancesin technology and uses. After navigating a team’s website solution, viewers should have a good comprehension of the topics surrounding UAS technology. The solution must be presented as a separate website, independent of the required TSA and STEM program information, with its own design and navigation. A separate host or domain is NOT required. Teams must link to their chapter’s TSA information page from the design brief solution, and vice versa.

Thought should be given to effective website design practices and cross-platform compatibility. The website will be evaluated using any combination of Windows 7/8/10, as well as Mac OS X, in any browsersupported by those platforms, Including the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Mobile browsers MAY be used in evaluation. Teams should strive to create a clean, easy-to-use website that features an excellent presentation of the required content.