Our Team

Our chapter, affiliated with Wilhelm Ostwald School (Leipzig, Germany), was founded in 2001.
The school focuses on education in the fields of science, maths and technology, in other words, basically the STEM subjects. The curriculum is accordingly adapted, which explains the great demand for TSA within the school, entailing a constant growth within our first decade of existence. The members organize their project work independently at home, while regular assemblies of the whole team and its advisors take place, too, in order to discuss and coordinate the projects and to give mutual support to each other. Ostwald TSA is led by a team of officers, who work efficiently towards organizing and representing TSA. Using the skills and knowledge attained through working with TSA, our members are successfully taking part in competitions in Germany, too.


Robin Fichtner
Lienard Griebsch
Benjamin Herrn
Felix Kleinsteuber
David Becker


Tobias R. Ratzmann
Konrad Winter
Matti Frind
Shadi Al-Schahari


Juergen Januszewski
Dr. Steffen Jost
Holger Brunsch
Alexander Schwieger


Sebastian Sager
Martin Sturm
Christofer Volke
Florian Raemisch
Anne Haubner
Marcel Hasselhorst
Firas Souleiman
Arne Hainke
Ngoc Duong Nguyen
Kai Hainke
Christian Mueller
Hans-Joachim Brucherseifer
Franziska Scharf
Robin Heilmann
Laura Pasitka
Maximilian Keitel
Antonia Hain
Denis Gessert
Duc Nhan Ngo
Patrick Reich
Jochen Heinz
Tobias Volte
Alexander Moros
Erik Zeiske
Leonard Krause
Romy Lempe
An Thanh Tran
Katja Lorenz
Valentin Roland
Luisa Rabold
Xenia Buehne
Milena Witt