Ostwald TSA tried to make this website a success by employing a variety of technologies and features, since the aim is and needs to be to enhance the usability as well as the experience the user has navigating our website. The following shall give you an insight on how we try to achieve this.


The wide-spread web-language is the base of our website, with all PHP having been written by the “Webmaster” team of Ostwald TSA. No external elements were used in this section, which makes this website a unique platform, tailored solely to the needs of Ostwald TSA.


The entire content of this website is being stored in a MySQL database allowing the content to be accessed within a matter of milliseconds and to be changed easily in PHPmyAdmin, a popular web application to maintain databases.
Compared with for example a XML-System, this system allows to request only the data needed for the currently viewed page and manages several queries at the same time.


The jQuery technology is employed in the user interface parts of the website, allowing us to build a website with very good browser compatibility and a lightweight structure, meaning an effective interface which aims at working around high performance demands. It also connects us with the global jQuery-community.


The website was built according to W3C standards and especially the most recent standard, HTML5, which gives us the opportunity to work with a future technology right now and to see how we can benefit from the advantages. But simultaneously we tried to grant compatibility as far as possible by using HTML elements which are supported by browser versions way older than the up-to-date ones. We hereby employed the pyramid of compatibility: The most important content has to be available on the widest-range of platforms possible, either chronologically or on different platforms. Design elements aiming at state-of-the-art impressions and modern effects were built employing the newest standards, as these are not substantial for the understanding of our website. The website is valid according to the W3C standards, entailing barrier-free access in order to allow impaired users to enter the website using their respective tools, e.g. screen readers.

Materialize CSS

Materialize CSS has been employed in our user interface to allow a great user experience not only on the latest desktop version but also on smart phones and tablets. It provides a lot of modules and CSS patterns which can be used for designing a web page for all kind of internet devices while still being able to individualize for any needs. The greatest thing about Materialize is that it has a light-weight structure, therefore not affecting the performance of the site at all, allowing it to be displayed even on older smart phones.


Our website is bilingual in order to reach a wider audience in English-speaking countries like the United States as well as in the German-speaking countries.


This website aims at being resource-efficient through a couple of innovations employed: images are scaled depending
on the screen-size (which is usually related to a higher or lower system performance) in order to limit the data usage and lags in transmission. It reduces waiting times and therefore includes a variety of users who might access the website from different devices, including smart phones and tablets, while maintaining the quality of the displayed content.